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Shipping FAQ

I received an email telling me my order had been generated postage...should I expect my book in a few days?

Not necessarily. We generate postage the entire month the virtual signing is going on. So you may get a notice that you have a shipment at the very beginning of the month, however, that book will not actually be put in the mail until the advertised release day.

Will I get my book the same day it is released?

No, your book will ship on release day. It can take anywhere from 2 days to 2 months (international)...depending on the shipping option you choose.

When will I get my book?

That depends on what shipping option you picked, where you live and sometimes the political climate of your country of residence. We will send the orders out on the release date, so it can take about a week in some cases. Some of you will receive your book in 2 days...others, especially those of you in other countries, may not receive it for a week or more.

What are the available shipping methods?

We now ship through both UPS and USPS. The Post Office is a less expensive alternative, although it will take longer to reach you and some USPS options are less reliable than UPS.

Will I receive a tracking number?

Yes, you should receive tracking number by the release day or very soon afterwards.   However some International options do not offer tracking and you will only receive a custom forms number.  Please see the list below for further details.

Can you tell me what my postage will be if I order?

No. We do not have the ability to calculate postage. It is automatically generated through the website. If you would like to see what the postage would be before you order, simply go about the ordering process as you normally would...just do not click on the pay with Paypal link. It should give you an accurate total without placing any orders.

Do you ship internationally?

We have a number of international customers for our virtual signings.  We have enabled international shipping because of this. Please be advised that sometimes there may be a problem getting the book to you due to the political climate of your country.  This is not something we can control. This is not something USPS can control.  If this is the case, you will be contacted and issued a refund.  We will have no indication that shipping to you will be an issue until the book is turned away at customs. It will be sent back to us and we will email you. It can also take awhile to ship to other countries, so please be patient.

What kind of things could delay my package at customs?

Postal Strikes, Political unrest, Government budget issues, volcano dust, tropical storms… The list is really endless and these are not things we can control or avoid.

Please note that as much as we’d like to, the Virtual Signing Team cannot offer any customer service support for a non-trackable shipping option, and we will be able to offer only limited support even for the trackable ones.  And please remember, no matter what option you choose, we cannot replace lost or stolen book(s) under any circumstances for orders shipped outside of the continental United States.  Therefore, we urge you to pick your shipping option carefully, and strongly encourage you to use a trackable one.   Please see below:

Express Mail International—Reliable Tracking available.  Normally arrives in 3-5 Business Days

Priority Mail International—Reliable Tracking available.  Normally arrives in 6-10 Business Days

Priority Flat Rate International—Tracking available but not reliable. Normally arrives in 6-10 Business Days

First Class International— Tracking not available. This is the slowest and cheapest of all shipping options, with no estimated delivery date.  Please be aware that it may take 3-4 weeks to arrive in Canada and 6-10 weeks in Australia from our Virtual Signing Team’s past experience. 

We understand that having your book delayed can be frustrating. We would like nothing better than for you to receive your package as soon as possible. Please be patient and courteous, your book will get there in due time. We do not have the power to speed up the process. If you received an email notice that your book was shipped, then it definitely made it out.